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Ecological Paint is one of the first green, friendly water based acrylic urethanes, which has been formulated especially for chemically sensitive people and professional painters.

It is odor free, Ecological Paint Does NOT Contain any known hazardous toxic or carcinogenic materials such as benzene, ethylene glycol, volatile organic compounds, neurotoxins, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or phthalates which can burn eyes and nose, cause headaches, or nausea.

Virtually No Odor 0 VOC

Dries Rapidly

Hideriffic Technology
Splatter Free Hypo-Allergenic
Water Cleanup Brush, Roll or Spray
Kid Friendly Netonian Rheology
Exceptional Flow Virtually No Sag
No Known Carcinogens or Neurotoxins

Ecological Paint is friendly to the environment, adults, and children, and pets. It also performs well during and after application. Its Netonian rheology allows exceptional flow and leveling qualities with virtually no sag and is splatter free. It is a one coat and fast drying paint. (can vary with color and atmospheric conditions). When Ecological Paint is fully cured, it has enviable performance with "hideriffic" technology, durability, strong adhesion, excellent weather-ability, and exceptional scrub resistance. Ecological Paint is an excellent choice for most painting situations including interior dry wall, plaster, concrete, and most masonry surfaces. It can also be used to cover properly primed wood and metal and is ideal for commercial, residential, and institutional applications.

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